What is the BaseHost marketplace?

As a provider of services targeting small business customers, BaseHost directly provide a series of services aimed at providing the best value and highest quality of service for this type of businesses.

We realise that we cannot do absolutely everything a small business could ever need so we created a marketplace within our platform to bridge this gap.

Whilst the marketplace contains the services that BaseHost provides, it additionally provides services from third-party vendors that BaseHost has selected to participate. Our selection criteria is based around the respective suppliers delivering the same quality of services that we do and the same desire to provide a positive and equitable outcome for Small Business customers.

The other benefit we were aiming to achieve from this is a single invoice for a small business for as many of the services that they consume to help them run their business. So for example, if a BaseHost customer has a website, hosting, Office365 emails and applications with BaseHost and takes on additional services from the Marketplace such as Book Keeping, Virtual Telephony and Internet Connectivity through 3 other providers, the invoicing for the monthly services would be charged by BaseHost. 

The BaseHost team would act as the first line of support for any of the services in the marketplace so you only need to call the one support team and deal with one ticketing system. Our team would liaise with the respective third parties if needed to deal with any service difficulties.

With complete visibility over the service interactions, our business ensures that the vendors in our marketplace are continuing to provide a high quality of service.

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