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The domain transfer process is required if you want to transfer the control of your domain name to BaseHost and be able to manage your domain name alongside the rest of your services. Whilst this isn't a mandatory requirement, it's recommended if you intend to run all of your services with us.

In order for you to initiate a transfer process for your domain, you will need the Domain Password or EPP code. You can typically get this from the provider that you originally registered the domain with or from the person who registered it for you. 

In most cases, the email address assigned to your domain will be yours but it's often the case that your previous web designer, managed IT supplier or even web hosting company has their email address in there. This can be problematic as any request to send a copy of the Domain Password or EPP will be sent to that email address. Most people are unsure where to start here but if you're stuck and can't get hold of your password, we have methods to look up who has it and can help you through the process.

As a rule, we ensure all of our clients have control of their domain names once they're transferred to us - this gives you complete control of the domain name, after all it's licensed to you!

Like new registrations, certain domain extensions have specific criteria that you need to complete in order to transfer a domain - the Online Store or Control Panel will present this information to you when you commence the transfer process.

Lastly, there is a wide variety of timeframes it can take for a domain transfer process to complete. There are industry-based guidelines that all providers must follow and some like to take the absolute maximum time possible and others do the right thing and let it go quickly.

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